Care Info


Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

For example, avoid applying perfume where you might wear jewelry.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean
Maintenance is key! You can use a polishing cloth. For worse situations, I recommend using soapy water (dish soap) and rinsing under warm water and gently rubbing dry.

Remove Jewelry When Possible
Remove jewelry when sleeping or bathing. Avoid wearing jewelry during activities that might make you sweat a lot.

Store in a Dry, Cool, Place
Preferably store your jewelry in a jewelry box with soft fabric (for example: cotton, silk, velvet).

Even for my non-tarnish products, the quality of your jewelry still depends on your usage and care 


Your polishing cloth is intended for cleaning or polishing your sterling silver, gold (or gold plated), and stainless steel jewelry and more.

Do Not Laundry or Wash

Avoid getting it wet by keeping it in its plastic packaging when not in use

Even though your cloth with inevitably start to turn black, it can be used many times and doesn’t need replacing until you start noticing that in no longer shines/cleans your jewelry